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HEINZ KOHLER was born in Berlin, Germany, where he grew up before and during World War II. By the war's end, he found himself in rural East Germany and spent years watching the Nazi tyranny being replaced by a Communist one. He made it to West Berlin before the Wall went up and came to the United States in the late 1950s. Since 1961, he was associated with Amherst College, Massachusetts, where he became the Willard Long Thorp Professor of Economics, taught Economics as well as Statistics and published numerous textbooks on both subjects.

His most recent books, all of which are featured on this site, include SURFING A MAGICAL INTERNET, Book 1: Extraordinary Birds; Book 2: Brainteasers; Book 3: Unusual Birds, Book 4: Remarkable Animals, Book 5: Wonders of the World, Book 6: The World's Greatest Inventions, Book 7: Exploring Northern Europe, Book 8: Exploring Western Europe, Book 9: Exploring Southwestern Europe, Book 10: Exploring Central Europe, Book 11: Exploring Africa, Book 12: Exploring Southeastern Europe, Book 13: Exploring Russia and Central Asia, Book 14: Exploring Western Asia, Book 15: Exploring Southern Asia, Book 16: Exploring Eastern Asia, Book 17: Exploring Australia and Oceania, Book 18: Exploring North America, Book 19: Exploring Central America, and Book 20: Exploring South America, all of which introduce the Internet equivalent of the late 1800s, as well as MY NAME WAS FIVE, a memoir of World War II, and CAUTION: SNAKE OIL! a guidebook that shows how statistical thinking can help us expose misinformation about our health.